In the year 1981 Amin Mayer and Parvin Mayer had a vision to create a Jewelry Manufacturing Company. Amin Mayer envisioned through his business oriented mind set and business dealings to create a Company with his honesty and integrity. Parvin Mayer, Partner and life companion had the non-stop work ethic enlisted into the brand which helped the brand to grow to immense proportions. This vision allowed us to able to serve thousands of retailers across the globe. Today A&P Afarin co., Inc. offers some of the most uniquely innovative designs handcrafted in only 18 Karat gold. The brand Afarin today is sought after and exhibited in some of the best retail stores around the world. Afarin exhibits at the some of the most important Jewelry Fairs, The Centurion group, Luxury by JCK, JCK MIAMI, JA New York, Instore group, Prime group and Select groups.

Our company strives in keeping long lasting relationships that go beyond the everyday business aspects, we laser inscribe unique diamond weights of each item with our brand that guarantees the Afarin piece to be made with the highest standards of workmanship and quality. Our goal is to instill trust and security in our customers so that we are able to serve their needs with the highest industry standards.

Today the opulence of A&P Afarin Co. Inc. has been maintained by the family in keeping the company consistently growing with its values. Amin and Parvin Mayer's dreams are now being lived and maintained by their family.